Merry Christmas! (2016)

Hello my fellow Adventurers! Merry Christmas…Joyeux Noël (I’m learning French so I just had to add that in there) 🙂

I cannot believe Christmas is here! I feel like this entire month has gone by…Way to fast! (click the like button if you agree)

I feel so much JOY around Christmas time…It just has something special. I am not sure what it is, but every year I always feel it.

On Christmas Eve my family all gathered in one of our houses and ate food (of course! What kind of party does not have food? LOL) We also gave each other gifts…And we played the White Elephant game! We had a blast. I hope that you and your family are having a wonderful Christmas…Thank you for being a part of this Adventure. I will do some posts soon on some goodies that I shall receive, but for now…The Adventure Is Out There!  

My Barbie Christmas Outfits

Hello my fellow Adventurers! Christmas is getting closer by the minute so I had to do a Christmas post…I will be showing you some adorable outfits that I put together on my Barbie’s. Enjoy!

I got most of the sweaters from Michaels and the other two were at a clothes store…Be on a look out for mini clothes ornaments because you can take them off the hook! Well see you soon from Autumns Adventure Land!  


New Recollections Cut/Score Board (paper trimmer) Review!

Hello my fellow Adventurers! I am back. In this post I just wanted to show you this really cool paper trimmer that I found at Michaels the other day…It is a bit pricy but I was able to use a special coupon and got it around $8. Well here is the video. Enjoy!

Let me know if you have any questions about this item…So far it has worked great! Well see you soon from Autumn’s Adventure Land!


Instax Mini 8 Fujifilm Camera + Accessories Ultimate Review

Hello my fellow Adventurers! I got a Instax Mini 8 in late March and I wanted to show you how awesome it is! I’m sure you already heard about it because it is so popular but if you don’t know what it is then that’s fine too. 🙂

 I fashioned a video for you guys like always. Because video’s can explain everything at once. In the video I show you how to use the camera, how it works, and all of the accessories that you can buy for the camera. Well lets get started by clicking on the video below. Enjoy!

 That’s it for this post! See you next time from Autumn’s Adventure Land!

Rainbow Falls hike w/ family & my dog – cute moments of Princess Cupcake

Hello my fellow Adventurers! In this post I wanted to talk a little about Rainbow Falls and show you some cute things that Princess did while we were on our way back from the beautiful waterfall.


They call it Rainbow Falls cause at a certain point during the day a pretty rainbow stretches over this beautiful landscape.

Here is a cute/short video that has adorable moments of Princess Cupcake

Thank you for being with Autumns Adventure Land today and I’ll see you at the next adventure!


My new mini Happy Planners for 2017!

Hello my fellow Adventurer! Remember in my last post I showed you my new Happy Planer for 2017? Well In this post I will be showing you my new mini’s! They are so cute. It’s kind of hard to see how tiny they really are but they are so adorable that I had to get two. I am going to use them for traveling & such. Here is a video for you to enjoy!

Well that’s it for this post. Stay tuned to see what I’ll be doing next so make sure  you’re subscribed! 🙂