Hilton Head Beach Trip – January 2017

Hello my fellow Adventurers! The past two weeks I was on a beach trip! (I wanted to keep it a secret until I made this post) I had a lot of fun…In the video below you will see most of the things we did. (One thing that is not in the video is shopping day but we didn’t take any photo’s when we were there)


I miss the beach but at the same time I am glad that I’m home… ūüôā

Rainbow Falls hike w/ family & my dog – cute moments of Princess Cupcake

Hello my fellow Adventurers! In this post I wanted to talk a little about Rainbow Falls and show you some cute things that Princess did while we were on our way back from the beautiful waterfall.


They call it Rainbow Falls cause at a certain point during the day a pretty rainbow stretches over this beautiful landscape.

Here is a cute/short video that has adorable moments of Princess Cupcake

Thank you for being with Autumns Adventure Land today and I’ll¬†see you at the next adventure!


Hilton Head Island Beach Trip Part 2

Hello my fellow Adventurers! If you have not seen part 1 yet then please Click Here

So for part 2 I decided to show you all of my shells that I collected from the beach! Here is a video below. Enjoy!

I even made some jewelry from the shells.

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¬†The last shell that I showed you in the video actually still had a snail in it when my sister found it. We just boiled¬†it in hot water for 3 minutes then we let¬†it cool so that we could take¬†the¬†snail¬†out. It was so much easier to do it that way… Stay tuned for part 3! See you soon¬†from Autumn’s Adventure Land!

Hilton Head Island Beach Trip Part 1

Hello my fellow Adventurers! I recently went on a beach trip and I wanted to share with you everything that I did. I had a blast. Obviously we went to the beach the most so for part 1 I decided to show you some fun that me & my family had at the beach. Here is a video below.

Thanks for watching this video! I will post part 2 soon! See you next time from Autumns Adventure Land!