My NEW Ducks!

Hello my fellow Adventurers! I have a new cute video for you all. Since Spring is here I thought about doing a video on my new ducks! Now they have grown a bit since I recorded this video so if you would like to see an update video then please let me know in the comments…Enjoy!

See you next time from Autumns Adventure Land!

Rainbow Falls hike w/ family & my dog – cute moments of Princess Cupcake

Hello my fellow Adventurers! In this post I wanted to talk a little about Rainbow Falls and show you some cute things that Princess did while we were on our way back from the beautiful waterfall.


They call it Rainbow Falls cause at a certain point during the day a pretty rainbow stretches over this beautiful landscape.

Here is a cute/short video that has adorable moments of Princess Cupcake

Thank you for being with Autumns Adventure Land today and I’ll see you at the next adventure!


Introducing My Pet Bunny – Oreo

Hello! Welcome back to Autumns Adventure Land! In this post I will be showing you my new bunny Oreo. If you have seen one of my 1st posts when I opened up my blog you would know that my two older bunnies sadly died from a wild dog. It was very sad. Although recently I got another bunny! He was one of my Easter presents! He is full grown now. He is a mix between a lion head and an European bunny. That’s why he is a little larger then my other bunnies that I had before. His fur coat has a different texture too. It’s like a thickness of a lion head but then its got a feel of a short hair. Its very unique. Well I created a mini clip of Oreo just to give you a sneak peak but I will have a lot of future posts on him soon.

That’s it for this post! See you soon from Autumns Adventure Land!


Coco’s Home

Hello everyone! In one of my recent posts I introduced my pet bird Coco. If you have not seen that post then search “Coco” Then it should come up. If you already have then that’s wonderful. I am super excited to show you her bird cage. I made a video for my Adventurers… Because I am so grateful for your support. Here is the video below. Enjoy!

Introducing My Pet Bird Coco


Hello everyone! First I want to tell you the full story when I got Coco. Two years ago before I had a blog I went to the nearest pet store and wanted to purchase a bird. My mom was looking at all of the birds. She saw two birds that were very different from the rest. They both had beautiful white feathers with patches of other pretty colors. Another reason why they were both different it was because all of the other birds were panicking and flying around like crazy. Although Coco was just standing there on a little perch next to her friend. We ended up only  purchasing Coco. Because at home we had another bird named Chanel. Sadly she died a few days later from a huge praying mantis. When we were in the car I slowly started to open the box and Coco immediately jumped on my shoulder. Poor thing was scared in that box. I knew from that moment we would be best friends forever. We still have an amazing relationship. When I took her home I realized her cere (which is a birds nose) was white. I found out that when the nose is white then that means the bird is still a baby. Now she is transforming to be an adult. Her nose is changing to a brown which means its a girl. I usually take her every where. She has been to the beach, Tennessee, Georgia,  Aldi’s, Publix, Walmart, Restaurants, outside, and many more places. I know she has been to a lot of places. Now I would like to show you a mini story video that I made. Here is the video clip below.

Tips and Tricks for your pet Bunny

Hello Everyone! Welcome to my new series. Farm Days! I am going to show you some Tips and Tricks for having a pet bunny.

This is Fluffy

This is Muffy

  1. They love being petted right on the neck.
  2. Make sure you give them lots of love
  3. If they ever make a grunting noise then pet them so that they know that it’s okay.
  4. Never hit or hurt the bunny
  5. Hold the bunny by the belly and the bottom for support.
  6. Give your bunny a carrot when it’s being good
  7. Always speak kind words to your bunny. Your bunny can understand you.
  8. If the bunny likes to chew then buy it a chewing toy
  9. If you want to be able to walk it in your house or outside then buy a small or xsmall harness with a leash
  10. Always give them fresh water every day. Give them fresh food every other day. Clean their cage every week.

This is the checklist that I use. It’s very useful.

Here is a video.

That’s it for this post. See you on the next Adventure!