My NEW Ducks!

Hello my fellow Adventurers! I have a new cute video for you all. Since Spring is here I thought about doing a video on my new ducks! Now they have grown a bit since I recorded this video so if you would like to see an update video then please let me know in the comments…Enjoy!

See you next time from Autumns Adventure Land!

Rainbow Falls hike w/ family & my dog – cute moments of Princess Cupcake

Hello my fellow Adventurers! In this post I wanted to talk a little about Rainbow Falls and show you some cute things that Princess did while we were on our way back from the beautiful waterfall.


They call it Rainbow Falls cause at a certain point during the day a pretty rainbow stretches over this beautiful landscape.

Here is a cute/short video that has adorable moments of Princess Cupcake

Thank you for being with Autumns Adventure Land today and I’ll see you at the next adventure!


The Beauty Of Autumn

Hello everyone! In this post I will be showing you some pretty photos that I took in my neighborhood that I think you would enjoy.

20151025_221055337_iOS.jpgLook at this old machine. Isn’t just magical?



Look at these mushrooms!



I love the reflection of the trees on the water. Doesn’t look like an oil painting?


 Look at these trees


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Last but not least is a pretty photo of my dad sitting on a bench in front of a tree.


Thank you for reading this post and I encourage you to just go outside and take some photos in your backyard. You don’t have to use a fancy camera. I only used my IPhone. Let me know in the comments below what your favorite photo is. See you on the next Adventure from Autumn’s Adventure Land!


A Baby Lizard 

Hey everyone! Today I was just walking around in my garden then I witnessed something moved. I looked closer. Suddenly I realized that it was a Lizard! It’s wasn’t just an ordinary one. It was a Baby Lizard! Here is a photo below.  
Here he is with his eyes closed.  
Here he is peaking up. It’s so cute!

Here he is doing a jump! You can do it!

  He barely caught himself! 

Also I have a video here:

Leap’in Lizards!

A Baby Frog

Hi everyone! For this post I will be showing you what a baby frog looks like. Everyone knows that a frog is born first as a tadpole with Gills then it slowly transforms into a frog with lungs.

This is the side face. Isn’t cute? It’s the size of my fingertips!

This is the top of it. Isn’t so beautiful?  
In this photo he is looking up at the camera. Isn’t that adorable? 
This creature was the nicest, cutest, tiniest, frog I ever met. Though if you do find a frog make sure you let it go that night.

Thanks for reading this post!