Happy New Year! (2017)

I cannot believe that it’s 2017 already! I feel like it was yesterday when we were saying “Happy New Year it’s 2016!”…You know? Today I will just be going through my planners and setting my goals for 2017 then I will probably look at my 2016 goals and see if I have accomplished them. If you would like you can share your thoughts on the year of 2016 and share some of your new goals for 2017! Stay tuned for future posts from Autumns Adventure Land! I will be skipping a week from blogging just to get a break but I got this one for you…See you soon!¬†

Merry Christmas! (2016)

Hello my fellow Adventurers! Merry Christmas…Joyeux No√ęl¬†(I’m learning French so I just had to add that in there) ūüôā

I cannot believe Christmas is here! I feel like this entire month has gone by…Way to fast! (click the like button if you agree)

I feel so much JOY around Christmas time…It just has something special. I am not sure what it is, but every year I always feel it.

On Christmas Eve my family all gathered in one of our houses and ate food (of course! What kind of party does not have food? LOL) We also gave each other gifts…And we played the White Elephant game! We had a blast.¬†I hope that you and your family are having a wonderful Christmas…Thank¬†you for being a part of this Adventure. I will do some posts soon on some goodies that I¬†shall receive, but for now…The Adventure Is Out There! ¬†

My Barbie Christmas Outfits

Hello my fellow Adventurers! Christmas is getting closer by the minute so I had to do a Christmas post…I will be showing you some adorable outfits that I put together on my Barbie’s. Enjoy!

I got most of the sweaters from Michaels and the other two were at a clothes store…Be on a look out for mini clothes ornaments because you can take them off the¬†hook! Well see you¬†soon from Autumns Adventure Land! ¬†


Happy 4th Of July! (2016)

Happy 4th of July my fellow Adventurers! Today is actually my birthday. I am now 13. I can’t believe how fast time goes by. Don’t you agree? I love to watch the fireworks every year. It’s such a nice treat. Anyways lets get back to why I am even here! I will show you how I decorated my planner and my firecracker nails…

Here is my planner.


It’s more simple then I usually do it but it’s still cute. Do you have a planner that you decorate in? If so please tell me what kind of planner you have in the comments below…

¬†Well I hope that you have a fun July 4th weekend with your family! See you soon from Autumn’s Adventure Land!

Happy Memorial Day! (2016)

Happy Memorial Day! In this post I just want to show you a fun craft that you can do, the meaning of Memorial Day, My planner week for¬†Memorial Day,¬†& a few quotes… Let’s get started.


Me·mo·ri·al Day

noun: Memorial Day

  1. a day on which those who died in active military service are remembered, traditionally observed on May 30 but now officially observed on the last Monday in May.

    • (in the southern states) any of various days (especially the fourth Monday in April) on which similar remembrances are observed.

      noun: Confederate Memorial Day; plural noun: Confederate Memorial Days


      Here is a few quotes. Enjoy!

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Here is my planner for the week….

FullSizeRender (41)FullSizeRender (40)

There is a quote on the bottom that says.. “We do not remember days, we remember moments.”¬†

What did you do to celebrate Memorial Day? Please let me know in the comments below.¬†Thank you for visiting Autumn’s Adventure Land!