Happy Easter! (2017)

Happy Easter my fellow Adventurers! I love the spring time and Easter is always a fun day to spend with family. What is your favorite thing to do on Easter? Let me know in the comments below!

I have always loved the fresh Spring air, and the baby chicks, with the bunnies everywhere…

I wish you the very best! See you next time from Autumns Adventure Land! 😉

My NEW Ducks!

Hello my fellow Adventurers! I have a new cute video for you all. Since Spring is here I thought about doing a video on my new ducks! Now they have grown a bit since I recorded this video so if you would like to see an update video then please let me know in the comments…Enjoy!

See you next time from Autumns Adventure Land!

Plan With Me – Mini Happy Planner 1/23-29/17

Hello my fellow Adventurers! I am super excited about this post because I haven’t done a Plan W/ Me in a very LONG time. Plus it is a layout in one of my mini planners! I have a video for you below…Enjoy!

Thanks for visiting today and please let me know if you would like to see more plan with me videos in various planners…See you next time from Autumns Adventure Land!


Hilton Head Beach Trip – January 2017

Hello my fellow Adventurers! The past two weeks I was on a beach trip! (I wanted to keep it a secret until I made this post) I had a lot of fun…In the video below you will see most of the things we did. (One thing that is not in the video is shopping day but we didn’t take any photo’s when we were there)


I miss the beach but at the same time I am glad that I’m home… 🙂

Happy New Year! (2017)

I cannot believe that it’s 2017 already! I feel like it was yesterday when we were saying “Happy New Year it’s 2016!”…You know? Today I will just be going through my planners and setting my goals for 2017 then I will probably look at my 2016 goals and see if I have accomplished them. If you would like you can share your thoughts on the year of 2016 and share some of your new goals for 2017! Stay tuned for future posts from Autumns Adventure Land! I will be skipping a week from blogging just to get a break but I got this one for you…See you soon!